Essential Care

A highly effective Range of products, shaped in science, that helps to create smooth, healthy-looking skin all over the body.

Focused Care

This range of products contains various combinations of scientifically researched ingredients that may assist in delivering enhanced benefits.

Sun Care

Scientifically advanced, complete sun protection providing broad spectrum UVA and AVB protection and free radical defence with potent antioxidants.

Dr. Des Fernandes

Doctor, surgeon, scientist and pioneer.

One man’s road to discovery led to a globally renowned skin care brand built on science, beauty and care. A brand that exists to keep skin beautiful for life.

Dr. Fernandes created his first two creams as far back as 1988, based on ingredients that  improved the health and appearance of the skin, particularly vitamin A, C, E and beta-carotene and together with alpha hydroxy acids.


The core Environ skin care products in the Essential Care Segment are based on Environ’s own Vitamin STEP-UP SYSTEM.

Created to help skin become more comfortable with increased levels of Vitamin A and other ingredients from one level to the next so that skin can be reborn and look healthy and beautiful for a lifetime.

Our skin needs to become accustomed to extra vitamins being applied to it, particularly vitamin A which is vital for it’s health, radiance and youthfulness.

Skin Concerns

Everything that defines health beautiful skin is a direct result of vitamin A. It is the only known molecule that keeps the skin healthly and helps to provide anti-aging benefits.

Vitamin A deficiencies could lead to skin abnormalities such as pigmentation irregularities, sun damage, aging and skin cancer.

The most common skin care problem in both men and women is sun damage, and the long term effects of sun exposure are sinister.

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